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Henna hair care

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Cleanses, Soothes & Balances

Millenia of nature’s blessings for timeless beauty. The perfect natural hair care for you.

Henna gives you back natural shade to your hair or your body

For the hair, it acts like like natural hair dye that will cover white hair, make it stronger, shinier, without any dangerous products on your head.
For your body, you will bring a natural glow to shine brighter.

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Henna, a natural paste to bring a natural shade to your hair and your body

Henna is a pigment from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is used as a natural hair dyer, alone or in association with other natural products and it is also a powerful hair strengthener.

Only pure natural ingredients:

100% pure evergreen tree oil. Certified ECOCERT. Fresh Cuvée 2020

Henna benefits for hair and body:

Our 100% natural Henna gives you natural healthy hair. It covers white hair, makes it stronger, shinier, without any dangerous products on your head. Natural henna also helps treating and relieving body conditions like eczema, acne, pimples due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Helps reducing hair loss.

  • Colors grey hairs

  • Prevents dandruff.

  • Maintains scalp health

  • Strengthens and thickens the hair

  • Amber colored highlights

  • Improves hair growth.

How to use Henna?

How to use Henna on your hair?

Mix natural henna with warm water to obtain a silky paste and apply on clean and dry hair. Wrap a plastic around your hair and let it set for two to six hours for a natural hair dye. Not only it will cover any grey hair but it can also helps you resolve your dandruff  problems

How to use Henna on your body?

Because our henna is 100% pure and natural, it can be used on skin in combination with our hammam soap (eucalyptus black soap) to give your skin seductive amber coloured highlights.

Additional information

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 2.75 × 2.5 × 2.75 in

6.67 fl oz – 200 ml

4 reviews for Henna hair care

  1. Yasmina

    Wonderful natural cleanser for my hair. And now my hair are so strong and shining.

  2. Paul

    Amazing powder! My skin is so softened and got rid of my acne. I have followed the routine given by Alhambra (daily and weekly routine) and I am really happy to use all these products.

  3. Tessa

    I love this facial mask! It is so refreshing and natural. It clears and brightens without being harsh. I use it once a week in my facial routine.

  4. Jenny

    This facial mask fights my common skin concerns and penetrates pores to soothe skin. I use it every week. My face is so fresh after and purified.

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