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                                                       Try the Time-Tested way to naturally full healthy hair

Full Healthy hair has always been a woman’s priority. Moroccan women take special care using a few key natural methods to keep their hair thick, shiny, silky, and strong!  They wash  and cleanse hair with Rhassoul clay, nourish and hydrate hair with a mix of precious oils like natural Argan oil, and color hair with a tinge of Henna to for a full, shiny, healthy look.  Try these time-tested natural tricks for a thicker, fuller, healthier sheen.

If you’re constantly scratching your head due to dryness and itchiness, use a mixture of Rhassoul clay and shampoo, and add  a bit of nourishing natural Argan oil.

Incorporate Argan Oil into your hair care routine for extra hydration, strength, and an amazing natural shine.

Engage in a clean beauty relationship with your body and spirit for optimal wellness

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