Guys, looking for an effective, simple, no-bull skincare regime?

Guys, use what works. You don’t need complex chemical formulations or complicated 10-step rituals. Use the best, cleanest natural solutions trusted for generations to do the job.  Skincare is that simple.

Time-tested Argan oil is the ultimate all-purpose moisturizer for rough or dry skin.  Use anywhere you’re callused, sunburned, or generally too dry.   Also strengthens your hair and fingernails thanks to Argan’s high levels of nourishing Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids.  Give your beard or mustache a vigorous healthy shine and flex.

Proven Power: the cold-pressed oil from the seed of the Prickly Pear Cactus has absolutely THE MOST nourishing Vitamin E of any natural oil.  Fight signs of aging and damage from too much sun with the most effective natural solution. Pure Potency packed in a little bottle.

Razor-Burn Relief:  The natural anti-inflammatory power of Pure Rose Water will eliminate uncomfortable and embarrassing post-shave rash with one little spritz.  Try this simple effective razor-burn solution especially if your skin reacts to harsh chemicals in some other skincare products.

Our advice for a simple all-natural post-shaving regime:

  • Use Argan Oil as safe soothing  fragrance-free after-shave moisturizer
  • Dab just a small amount of powerful Spiky Cactus Extract on sensitive areas dried out by your shaving cream or which see a lot of sun.  Corners of the eyes, under your eyes, around your mouth, etc.
  • Fight razor-burn with quick spritz of redness-reducing anti-inflammatory Rose Water
  • Rub Argan Oil into your beard/mustache for a full, healthy shine.

You’re all natural and all set!