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Hailing from the ancient city of Fez, Myriam Spiral is an entrepreneur and a mother of 4 children between 2 and 12 years old.  She brings her authentic family history and Moroccan origins to the table by sharing the long proven benefits of ancient all-natural products for the well-being of all the family; especially for new mothers before, during and after a baby’s birth. Myriam wishes to share the same Mediterranean methods and products with which she was raised by her own mother and grandmother, and with which she has cared for her own children and self.

All our products are of proven ancient origin. Thus, they are natural, fresh, of single ingredient, and we can use them without any doubt of their provenance. We guarantee exceptional freshness by using no long-stockpiled ingredients: all of our botanicals are under twelve months from their plant of origin. We use no noxious chemical additives, no unpronounceable adulterants, only God-given botanical bounty.

During pregnancy, one should use Argan Oil, Prickly-Pear-Seed Elixir, and Eucalyptus Black Soap with the confidence that these natural botanicals will be the best things one can offer to one’s skin.

Further, once your newborn is home in your arms, and as you’re settling into a daily care routine, you’ll find these same wonders as delightful and safe for your child as they are for yourself. Newborn skin is delicate, sensitive, and easily irritated by chemicals, fragrances, and dyes commonly found in clothing, detergents, and baby products. What new mother is spared the alarming eruption of rash, let alone everyday dryness, irritation, and chafing?  Our adage is “less is more.” Resist the urge to bathe your baby too frequently and when you do, use only natural, pure products: Rose Water and Orange Blossom Water to clean the face, Eucalyptus Black Soap for the body, and Argan Oil to hydrate. After bathtime, while you cuddle and towel your new joy, massage your baby’s skin from the head to the toes with Argan Oil.

Rose Water, Orange Blossom Water, Argan Oil, Eucalyptus Black Soap are indeed the only products you need for your baby’s fragile skin!


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