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Natural oils have been used for skin care and hair care for centuries. People strive to find additive-free, affordable, and effective products for protecting, nurturing and replenishing skin after cleansing.

Women deserve real skincare that’s actually good for them, products that are worthy of being on their skin. Our line is a range of products (which are non-comedogenic) that have been showing results for thousands of years. 

Our products, with authentic promises, are all natural, 100% amazing, whose results on the skin are obvious, visible, long-lasting.

Alhambra Wellness is the first brand of natural, expert and ultra-high performance skincare that infuses the skin with the exceptional powers of only one fresh ingredient.

Skin care is important: tailor your wellness routine with our all-natural products to nourish, detoxify, moisturize, replenish, rejuvenate, energise and relax your body and your skin.

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