Alhambra Wellness is the first brand to offer fresh cosmetic products, only made with the harvest of the year 2019. Small batches guarantee this freshness and the highest quality of our products.

Our products are 100% pure. We respect our environment. Our essence is sensuous. Our spirit is sharing, generous, and welcoming. Partake.

Discover timeless secrets and ancient beauty rituals — the Moroccan culture of health, wellness, and balance. The refinement. The romance. Body, mind, and spirit celebrate the essence of our nature-based traditions for your physical and spiritual well-being.

Alhambra Wellness is committed to reduce waste and we make the choice to avoid overpackaging.

Centuries of nature blessing for timeless beauty.


Create your own routine to stay young forever

The Hammam is an authentic beauty ritual for everyone, born out of an ancestral tradition of sharing, generosity and travel. Experience the beauty secrets, wellness traditions, and culture of health that Moroccan women have known and enjoyed for centuries:

-Light a scented candle and place it on a safe surface.

-Bathe or shower in warm water to prepare your skin and body.

-Wash with our black soap.

-Scrub gently your skin in a circular motion with the exfoliating mitt to unblock your pores.

-Rinse well with warm or cold water.

-Apply our vitamin-rich Argan oil to your body and massage into your skin.

Result: you are refreshed, revitalized, restored.