Myriam Spiral, CEO of The Alhambra Lifestyle, is the mother of 4 and an inveterate entrepreneur, having worked in Europe and the United States for the past 20 years. She works with designers and chefs to develop a unique offering of handcrafted goods and services, using only those of the highest quality and sustainability. She has built a network of artisans and collaborates directly with cooperative factories in Morocco to achieve her goal of bringing the luxury of millennial traditions into the modern home. The company’s focus is to help develop and perpetuate the historical craftsmanship characterizing the region, with products known, crafted and passed down since the tales of the Arabian Nights…Myriam brings her authentic family history and shares the beauty and peaceful happiness of her native Morocco for the whole world to enjoy.

our philosophy

The Alhambra Lifestyle is a luxury Lifestyle brand launched in 2018 in New York. Rooted in tradition, its products are presented in 4 different collections: Gourmet, Wellness, Fashion and Interior. These products will bring the enticing and refined culture of the Orient and the Middle East to the American home. It is dedicated to enhancing the entire life experience ranging from wellness and health to high-end with traditionally handcrafted items for the home through unique, handmade apparel and accessories.

We strive to authentically represent a fusion of the sophisticated cultures of the Mediterranean, starting with Morocco, while still providing our own contemporary twist.

We believe in the importance of sustainability, and this is why our products are organic and responsibly sourced directly from the earth.

Our mission is to introduce the grace and beauty which the Mediterranean culture has to offer, and to reconnect you with the joy of life and living.